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The customer is supreme, the good faith service, the customer is the root of enterprise survival and development
Years of experience in production and development, professional elite team, to escort you
Follow the customer's idea and demand, realize the personalized packaging machinery integration system equipment customization
Advanced technology, continuous innovation, product diversification, after-sales service
Manufacturing high - quality packaging machinery, provide high - quality network services
Enterprise philosophy
Professional team
Customized production
Quality assurance
Integrity services
Logistics packaging industry
Medical goods industry
The food and beverage industry
Electronic and electrical industry
Hardware auto parts industry
The skincare gift industry
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Good quality, is the result of demanding to the every detail, ensure the quality meet your requirements
To Provide Quality Products For The Market - Grow Together With Customers
Strict production process
With leading technology and management system to promote the quality of the product
Specifications a variety of complete
To provide quality products for the market, and customers grow together, continuous innovation and development
Advanced technology and continuous innovation, professional production team, product diversification, after-sales service worry
Scale advantage, Quality assurance
Strive to provide customers with a variety of one-stop service solutions
Professional solutions, high-end customization
With years of r&d experience in packaging machinery and dozens of national invention patents, we are your reliable partner in packaging machinery;
The combination of sophisticated certified professional equipment and patented production process ensures that every factory product meets the standards and customer requirements;
Widely used in electrical appliances, food, medicine, department stores, beverages, toys, cosmetics, electronics and many other industries.
Precision parts, imported electrical components, packaging equipment is economical and durable, efficient and fast, reduce the cost; Provide the industry high-tech, realize the link with the production line unmanned operation, manufacturers direct supply.
Specializing in automatic pallet packaging and film winding limit equipment professional manufacturers, the company has passed the IS09001, and CE certification and obtained several national patents.
According to customers' needs, we can customize the packing sealing machine, baling machine, heat shrinkable machine and automatic mechanical
equipment for the rear section packaging. To meet the project needs, we can provide free integrated automatic packaging solutions to save you all troubles.
Good quality comes from exacting for every detail, focusing on every electronic spare parts to ensure that the quality meets your requirements.
Focus on logistics packaging machinery equipment r & D manufacturers, set r & D, production, sales and after-sales service in one.
Professional technical team, timely solve all your problems, efficient and stable equipment manufacturers training, installation and debugging, do not worry about after-sales problems of the machine, 1 year warranty, lifetime maintenance
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Guangdong letpack technology co., LTD., located in dongguan city industrial park, songshan lake with intelligent machinery research and development, design, experienced talent team, is a kind of intelligent packaging equipment manufacturers. Set r & D, production, sales, after-sales service in one of the enterprises. To provide customers with intelligent packaging solutions. Make film Winding machine, Palletizer,box sealing machine ,Automatic strapping machine,Automatic packaging assembly line.

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